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Inspired by the magical display of light and color found in nature. My fine art captures the subtle beauty found in the world around us. Influenced by french impressionists and plein aire painters, Andrew looks to inspire you to revitalize the wonder in your own life. If you want to see magic and miracles in our world, all you have to do is really look. So, I create work to inspire others to take those few moments to stop and appreciate the brilliance of the world unfolding before us.

If you would like an original commission, please feel free to contact me (Contact). I can paint from almost any image or resource with a wide range of subjects including landscapes, floral pieces, still life, Pet Portraits, Portraits, Even Fantasy Reality blended pieces combining your favorite imagery with magic and imagination.

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Visit my shop for Original Fine Art, Illustration Prints, Stickers and much more to come! By making a purchase with me today, I am able to crete more work for us all tomorrow. Thank you so much for the support of my dreams.

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Welcome to the creative home of Designer/Artist/Illustrator, Andrew Gaia. My goal has always been to Inspire the Impossible and to Make Fantastic Dreams Real. Thank you for allowing me to share my magic with you.. or how about we collaborate and create an inspired world together!


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