Andrew Gaia is a nationally published illustrator specializing the the fantasy and imaginative realms. He has always had a love for the wonderful worlds and the fantastic work artists could dream up. This fascination pushed him to devote his life to fantastic art so he could inspire others in the same manner he is by those amazing artists around him. Andrew has experience working in editorial art, concept art for games, theme park design, movie posters, advertising and a wide range of other illustrations. He has devoted his life to working within the creative field to help others share their ideas and dreams with the world around them. If you have something in your head you are just dying to see come to life or just want a new look then contact Andrew Gaia and let him help make that vision a reality.

Email: AndrewGaia13@gmail.com

Short Client List:


Fantasy Flight Games

Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG)

Apogee Attractions

Momostorm (Epic Card Battle)

Ugly Mona Inc.


Lycan Vapes

(A.M.P UP) WVP2 Consulting Group

Mystik Media

Beyond the Sky

The Spain American Bar Association


“Andrew is a WONDERFUL freelancer. He’s creative and gifted nobody can deny. Look at his portfolio, it’s amazing and you ain’t seen nothing yet. He’s polite, professional and a dream freelancer artist in a class all by himself. I thank you very much Andrew!!! See you in Mebu. :)))”  ~~ Phyllis Powers

“Really enjoyed working with Andrew.  He made sure to get the details of what I wanted and did a good job of implementing it.”  ~~ Steve Arring

“Andrew is absolutely fantastic, listens and communicates well and is very talented.” ~~ Rob Robinson

Andrew Gaia photo