My name is Andrew Gaia and I create Imaginative, fun and colorful art to inspire people of all ages. I think it’s wrong that our creative culture has become obsessed with overemphasizing extreme stimulants like sex and violence in our media, no matter the age group.? So I create art to emphasize what is really important in all our lives; love, peace, friendship, loyalty, honesty, ?fun, support, magic, wonder and all that inspires people to be better than they were yesterday.

Art that supports and Art that uplifts.

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I am a 10+ year veteran of illustration and fine art. Even thought my love started with an art contest at age 9, my professional career began with graphic design for the medical field in the early 2000’s. However, my love for awe inspiring fantastic illustration drove me to complete my Masters in Fine Art, expanding my skill set. Since then I have worked with game developers, publishers, theme park consultants, independent creators, directors, artists, writers, and innumerable other trendsetters as I evolved my passion. I have done concept art, full illustrations, portraits, world building, graphic design, logos , oil landscapes, impressionist work and explored who knows how many different avenues.

I am a creator and will always be a creator, but I have also realized one very important fact. It’s much more fun when you create with another. If you want to sync up, to create together, scroll to the form below and lets get started.


I love fantasy and imaginative art, I love how it inspires the impossible and allows people to dream outside the confines of their normal lives. I love that art can show how loyalty between friends can overcome an army, or how a kind word can transform an enemy into an ally. I love that I can paint the thrill of adventure or the strength in standing up for yourself. And, that I can convey that message to anyone. I illustrate the very same work that inspired me to dream the impossible as a child. I want others to know the same unlimited beliefs that come from sparking ones imagination, and I hold that purpose with every piece I create. If you have the same depth and passion for you work, then your my kind of creator, lets sync up and make the impossible possible.

Fine Art

My fine art is designed to show people of all ages the momentous power found hidden in the world around us. I paint sunsets, flowers and simplistic beauty, not because it’s all that hidden in our world, but because people have forgotten to look for it. ?I can see a landscape painting and transport myself to a place of peace, I can remember a painting and be compelled to smell the roses on my 5 minute break. And I want my work to inspire the same power in you. We all get so caught up in the busy world that we often forget the brilliant gifts that are all around us. It is not big miracles and fantastic events that determine our happiness, it is simply remembering to experience joy and love more often. So I paint, because the world needs more reminders to focus on what truly important.

If my work and I, have inspired a small spark of what is possible in you and your project, then let me know. ? Together we can grow that spark into a beacon of light to inspire and uplift all that experience it!