Morning Glories Oil Painting | Original Floral Art

Oil on Canvas + Frame options below

Original Size: 8 X 6 Inches

Approach: Alla Prima Impressionism

I first noticed these morning glories one day walking along a street next to my home in PA. The vines were wrapped around a back alley fence, and it immediately captured my eye. The sun light made the purple flowers jump off the foliage in such a special way. I wanted to capture that beautiful color balance, the magical way the pink and purple morning glories bounce off the variation of greens and yellows in its leaves. The scene is breathtaking. That combination of flowers and wonderful background light that my artist eye could not ignore. Once of those perfect moment captured in time, right in our own neighborhood.

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Morning Glories Impressionism | Original Oil on Canvas Board

Fun Artist Note: Oddly enough, while painting this piece I ended redoing the entire background with broad strokes as a desire for more simplicity ensued. Then, as I continued to build up the variations of greens and yellows, the piece slowly turned into one of my most favorite paintings ever. Something about all the layered color and subtle variations, connects me with the French impressionist of the past. And when I look into the painting, I just feel the simple subject grow deeper and deeper with richness. Sometimes we perfectly plan and execute our ideas as artists, other times, it's a mix of planning, creativity and floating with those happy accidents.

Morning Glories impressionism oil painting

Morning Glories impressionism oil painting

Title: Morning Glories Moment

Technical Specs:

Medium: Oil Paint

Surface: Canvas

Size: 8 X 6 Inches

Frame: 1 5/8 Deep Black Gallery Frame

(3 in. Solid Wood White/Gold/Black/Mahogany/Silver also available, contact before purchasing

Approach: Alla Prima / Impressionism

Andrew Gaia is a Fine Artist and Illustrator from the great forest state of Pennsylvania. From an early childhood, nature and the world around him, inspired the artist to see and appreciate things in a unique way. As he developed his Artistic and Oil Painting abilities, it became clear that his way of viewing the world was different then those around him. Being able to see the entire universe in a single moment, drove so much passion and appreciation for this world, that Andrew Knew he had to share it. So, with an array of creative and visual abilities, and multiple decades of dedication and education, he paints.

Andrew captures moments, feelings, life.... in original paintings for all to draw power from. Look within the layers of paint, the expression of color, and dance of light and be teleported to a place so expansive, that time stands still. "Let my work draw out the life, love, peace, and tranquility that we all need.... and all have within us."

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