Thank you for visiting my illustration portfolio. I specialize in painting imaginative action oriented fantasy book covers with illustrations that appeal to all age groups. I tap into the magic that started my love of artistic creation, and share that inspiration with others. Fantasy, Adventure, Science fiction, Mythology, Metaphysical, and History are some of my favorite themes, but I love to explore. So, go ahead and click through some of my work and shoot me a message (, so we can start building dreams together.

Water Dragon and Mermaid Vs Fire Dragon | Poppy Snow Book Cover IllustrationDemon Summoning Horror Cover IllustrationJungle Adventure Jeep Crashing Book CoverThe Christopher Daring Adventure Middle Grade Cover IllustrationYoung Female Detectives Book Cover illustration and DesignLiving Tree Vs Kids Book IllustrationMummy Battle Fantasy Cover Art2 Ogres Through the Trees Fantasy Cover IllustrationHydra Battle Fantasy Cover IllustrationBaby Yaga Hut Cover Illustration Middle GradeZombie Sharks and Car Submarine Book Cover ArtRobot Spider Vs Dragon Book Cover IllustrationMagician Portrait Character Cover IllustrationHaunted Mansion at Christmas Cover IllustrationMagicians Meeting Fantasy Book Cover Victor Kloss Royal Institute of Magic
The illustrations above display my love and passion for art that combines pieces of reality and creative imagination. I love color, composition and narrative, when it comes to my fantasy book cover art. I design for our audience to explore every image in multiple ways.  First we inspire them to dive in and really become interested in the captivating scene, through color and light. Then we pull them in deeper with narratives that leave them wanting to know more.
Beautiful Fairy Collecting Seeds Entertainment IllustrationWhite Hall Fantasy Character MeetingDeer Shaman Forest God Creature IllustrationDesert Strike 4 Armed Villain IllustrationRavenous Wraith Sould Sucking Dark Horror IllustrationGriffin Rose Flying Creature IllustrationRail Shooter Theme Park Ride Star Trek Concept ArtElectric Guard Tower Science Fiction World Building IllustrationForest Magician Fantasy Character IllustrationSneaky Dealer | Hidden Cards | Western Board Game IllustrationGoldenwing Gryphon Creature Card IllustrationPaladin Knight Fantasy Character Illustration Hog Beast Fantasy Creature ArtLich Undead Zombie Master with Axe Character IllustrationDystopian Factory with Electric Fence World Building Illustration Science FictionWisdom of Youth Native American Character ArtThe Courage of Youth Science Fiction Young Boy Character Illustration

My entertainment art is created with the goal of bringing the fantastic into reality. I aim to mix just enough of our real world beauty, so that viewers can relate and are compelled to investigate the work further. Then I pile on the magic with color, light and visual interests that allows our audience to imagine themselves as part of whatever world, characters, or creatures we create together.

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Hello All,

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Welcome to the creative home of artist illustrator, Andrew Gaia. With over a decade of professional experience, Andrew offers his talent and experience in design, imaginative creation, illustration, art, and creativity to whatever project you can dream up. Andrews goal has always been to inspire the impossible and to make those fantastic dreams real. So when you creave something to inspire you, your audience or your work, sync up and we will make it happen.

Thank you and have a great day.

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