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My name is Andrew Gaia and I create art that inspires and amazes. I dive into the essence of real world moments & imaginative creativity so that the others can tap back into, and expand, their sense of wonder. Art is Experience, and I look to share the most wonderful experience with every piece.

Oil Painting & Fantasy Illustration are my tools to connect us to worlds beyond our own.

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Oil Painting

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Morning Glories Oil Painting 662x662 min

Fine Art | Oil Paintings

Oil Painting Collection Capturing Nature and the Wonderful Way she uses Light & Color. Moments in time that perfectly encapsulate & and reflect our own emotions, needs, desires and dreams.





Original Paintings | Canvas Prints

deer shaman forest god creature illustration 520 min


Action Packed, Narrative Driven and Imaginative pieces to drive your product visually into the hearts and minds of your viewers. Make an impact and connect to something real, no matter how fantastic.

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Fantasy Shop

Epic and Whimsical Posters | Uniquely Creative T-Shirts of Characters & Creatures. All sorts of magical goodness to get just the right vibe for your space or that special person.

Natural Energy | Flower | Edison Bulb

Featured Tee Design

A piece to bring awarness to the fragility of life and showcase your love for the brilliance of nature.


flower bulb design natural energy


Latest News

Competition Art Creation – Pabst Blue Ribbon

Competition Art Creation – Pabst Blue Ribbon

Competing With Your Art Competition art is one of creations that we may find ourselves toying with from time to time. Many artists say that it is not good, because large companies outsource huge amounts of work for very little money or cost to them. And I agree,...

Christopher Daring Cover 1 – Fantasy Book Illustration Insights

Christopher Daring Cover 1 – Fantasy Book Illustration Insights

Christopher Daring Cover 1 Creating the illustration of Christopher Daring Cover 1: Spirits of the Dead for author Stephen Willis was a great experience. And with the book and new designs now available Spirits of the Dead: A Supernatural Adventure (The Christopher...

Gaia Fine Art Insights – Jamaican Sunset – Oil on Board

Gaia Fine Art Insights – Jamaican Sunset – Oil on Board

Tutorial - Jamaican Sunset For today's Gaia Fine Art Insights #1 we will be reviewing the creation of the "Jamaican Sunset" oil painting in an impressionist style. (Click to purchase the Original Work). There is something so magical about the way our skies dance and...