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Thank you for visiting as I tap into the magic that started my love of artistic creation. I specialize in painting imaginative, whimsical & action oriented, Book Covers & Art. Fantasy, Adventure, Science fiction, Mythology, Metaphysical, and History are some of my favorite themes, but I love to explore. (Contact)

Book Covers

With a focus on Narrative through the use of Light and Color, my Book Covers give your Epic Tale the Visual Treatment it Deserves. Aimed to Captivate any Audience, I offer Complete Cover service with Illustration, Spine and Graphic Design.

My book cover art conveys my love and passion for the combination of reality and creative imagination. I am all about color, composition and narrative, elevating my fantasy book cover art to our real world. I design to amaze and cultivate interest from any audience. I inspire others to dive into each piece and leave them wanting to know more. Then I pull them in deeper with the use of light and strong narratives that leave in awe.

Imaginative Illustration

Imaginative Illustrations that Grasps the Eye and Captivates Your Audience. Brilliant colors, Unique Designs, and an approach that will give your project an appeal that Stands Out against the competition and Drives to Success.

My entertainment art is created with the goal of bringing the fantastic into reality. I aim to mix just enough of our real world beauty, so that viewers can relate and are compelled to investigate each work further. Then I pile on the magic. With color, light and visual interests our audience easily imagines themselves as part of whatever world, characters, or creatures we create together. Fantasy, Tech, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Realism, and any style of art work we can imagine are what we can create. Then, with depth and purpose, we build fans and appreciation from everyone who views our wonderfully fantastic creations.

Characters & Creature Concepts

Concepting, Designing, Promoting, and Creating Entire Universes to give your project that cohesive look that helps it Stand out. I will help you develop your visual identity, just the way you like it, and then some.

For my Game art and concept work I love to incorporate a unique style with a specific targeted simplicity. This creates a cohesive group of characters, creatures, environments, maps, sketches, and promotional work set that is easily incorporated into your gaming or visual project. Creating with the end goal in mind, I help developers create what they need to have a fast build with top quality art. Being able to draw from your idea, as a whole, and creating assets from that, leads us to art and illustrations that set us apart, but also, that we are immensely proud of.

Thank You for Visiting!

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