Hidden Mountain Tiger Lilies | Original Oil Painting

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Original Size: 16 X 12 Inches

Approach: Alla Prima Impressionism

The original Mountain Tiger Lilies Oil Painting is inspired by the miracle of nature and its brilliance. On one outing, I discovered a secret patch of Mountain Lilies hidden beneath the Pennsylvania forest canopy. Life never ceases to amaze me. You would think that finding large patches of tiger lilies in the wild, would be difficult, especially with all the chaotic weather we have been experiencing. However, these resilient flowers manage to pop up through all circumstances. Much like the resilience of people, and our ability to tap into so much power, not matter the circumstance. And even more amazing, the wild lily sparkles with a vast array of color, so much more than any mass farmed flower. So magical, nature and her powers of life..

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Hidden Mountain Tiger Lilies | Original Oil on Board

The original Mountain Tiger Lilies Oil Painting is inspired by one of the many hidden forest locations found throughout PA. For this piece I wanted to step out of the usual landscapes I paint. Why? Because, I was lucky enough to find a hidden patch of wild lilies. It must have been a variety of species, as they have assorted colors of orange and white all intermingled. This gave me the chance to play with my favorite complimentary color combination between the light and shadow parts of the flowers. I was able to get such a variety and depth in both colors and variations, that this quickly became my favorite paintings.

Mountain Tiger Lilies was painted by artist and illustrator Andrew Gaia. In addition, he painted it in an impressionist style, utilizing the Alla Prima, Plein Air technique. Meaning, painted all at once, out in the wilderness where the location now sits. Also, Andrew utilizes the wet on wet technique, balancing thick over thin layers of paint. So, the result is a multi-layered impressionist piece that perfectly captures the many layers of depth throughout the foliage. These lilies have a subtle beauty, in color and light, that sparkles from the secret mountain location.

Mountain Lilies Oil Painting on Birch Board

Hidden Mountain Lilies Oil on Birch Board

Title: Hidden Mountain Tiger | Lilies

Technical Specs:

Medium: Oil Paint

Surface: Birch Board

Size: 16 X 12 Inches

Frame: 3 in. White Solid Wood Plein Air frame (Black also available, leave a note in purchase or email me before purchasing

Approach: Alla Prima

Andrew Gaia is a Fine Artist and Illustrator from the great forest state of Pennsylvania. From an early childhood, nature and the world around him, inspired the artist to see and appreciate things in a unique way. As he developed his Artistic and Oil Painting abilities, it became clear that his way of viewing the world was different then those around him. Being able to see the entire universe in a single moment, drove so much passion and appreciation for this world, that Andrew Knew he had to share it. So, with an array of creative and visual abilities, and multiple decades of dedication and education, he paints.

Andrew captures moments, feelings, life.... in original paintings for all to draw power from. Look within the layers of paint, the expression of color, and dance of light and be teleported to a place so expansive, that time stands still. "Let my work draw out the life, love, peace, and tranquility that we all need.... and all have within us."

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