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Original framed canvas print by oil painter Andrew Gaia. Artwork capturing a meandering river as it makes its way through sprawling mountain landscapes. A wondrous sunset fills the skies with a range of blues and oranges, all reflecting off the river below. A moment of nature, held in this painting to visit any time you gaze upon it. Bring that simplicity to any space, and with it, a bit more ease into your daily adventures.

Our canvas is made from a finely textured artist-grade cotton substrate which consistently reproduces image details with outstanding clarity and detail.

.: 100% Cotton fabric
.: Poplar wood frame
.: High image quality and detail
.: For indoor use


Sunset River Sky Landscape Oil Painting Andrew Gaia

Sunset River Sky Landscape Oil Painting Andrew Gaia

This Sunset River Landscape Original Oil Painting is capturing another one of those simple moments in life that grasp the heart and make us feel alive. The way nature paints the sky and reflects all those colors into the world around us is truly breathtaking. The blues, purples, oranges flutter across leaves, stones, and every little ripple in the rivers flow. And somehow natures glorious rainbow blends so harmoniously that one can miss it in an instant. This piece of art it in no special location, no hidden place, just a small walkway alongside a small town bridge. But, in taking the time to slow down and breath the fresh air while looking into the freely given blessing of the natural world, we are given everything we need in one moment.

Also, this Oil painting surprisingly taps into my affinity for Bob Ross and the idea of Happy Accidents. You see, as I was working my way around the piece, getting some really nice soft and thin layers of paint to flow across the blue sky and clouds, their was a mishap. And as a result, the canvas went flying onto my palette getting random splotches of paint all over the place.

Well I wouldn't be much of a Ross fan if I didn't just roll with the "accident" and take this sky river oil into a new realm with what was handed to me. The result is an alla prima piece that blends areas of thin and heavily impasto thick paint holding all sorts of unique points of visual interest. An added bonus was the great fall lead to a use of greens in the sky that originally had not anticipated, but lead to a more balanced color spread across the painting. Sometimes art is just so fun as it unfold for us in unique ways.

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