Print | Fire Skies and Tropical Umbrellas | Oil Painting



No one can deny the powerful look of the fire in the sky when you look up after your first day of vacation. This oil painting sky landscape piece is meant to tap into that feeling. The colors, the streaks of light, the way it bounces off all the grey cement below, blooming it with color. And you finally get to let out a deep breath...... knowing you are experiencing something amazing and there is nothing in your life, at that moment, to distract you from pure joy.

Art, for me, is experience. It is tapping into moments of life and drawing upon what is. To create a link to something special inside of us all. And for this oil painting, I wanted to draw out as much of that magical vacation feeling that I could. The explosion of color, the empty poolside, you and those your with are the only things that matter. Let the purples, oranges, reds and blues wash over you and bond your heart to what really matters in your life. Then connect to what your heart says and use this piece to draw on that connection whenever you feel the need. The real beauty of experiencing art, in the deepest sense, is why I create, for you.

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