The Softest Field of Flowers | Floral Oil Painting Canvas Print

Original framed canvas print by oil painter Andrew Gaia. An up close and personal artwork the dives into the floral world found in nature. So much color and variety in this tiny patch of grass filled with tiny flowers. A tiny slice of life found all around us, that we fail to notice all too often. But with this piece hanging on your wall, perhaps you will begin to notice them more, and find a little more warmth and color in your own life. I know it worked for me.

Our canvas is made from a finely textured artist-grade cotton substrate which consistently reproduces image details with outstanding clarity and detail.

.: 100% Cotton fabric
.: Poplar wood frame
.: High image quality and detail
.: For indoor use


Softest Field of Flowers Oil Painting Andrew Gaia Mock 2

Softest Field of Flowers Oil Painting Andrew Gaia Mock 2

A beautiful depiction of the softest field of flowers I have ever had the luck to walk through. How on earth does nature create such a wonderful blend of life and color. You would think that one flower or grass would overwhelm the field and take over, yet instead, it perfectly harmonized to work together to cultivate as much life as possible.

Then in being an artist, I am blessed enough to take what the universe has laid before me and translate into a work of art that anyone can appreciate and use for their own joy. In this floral landscape I dove deep into the grasses to feel like I am part of the variation of flowers growing in the world. In this way we see much more then blue, red, orange and pink flowers, but a field of life and growth. A collection of differences working perfectly to harmonize and draw in the most good for all.


Painting this piece felt much like creating the field as nature would have. I was dancing around the canvas with blues, greens, pinks, jumping from here to there, building, covering, exploring. And when I finally came out of my play with oil and value, the floral piece harmonized so well together that I could not be happier with the painting I get to share with you all.

A perfect piece to bring peace, and one that will be hanging on my wall right above my computer until someone snags it away. I just love how soothing this piece is to my soul and I hope whoever takes home the original or a print will feel the same.

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