A Wild Purple Aster Flower | Oil Painting Canvas Print



There is something amazing about this purple aster flower oil painting. It's one of those pieces that contains within it so many layers of color and paint, that even i get amazed at what it can do at different angles and lighting conditions. I first noticed when I was walking past my easel one night, it caught my eye in pitch black lighting. It was almost like it was creating its own light. And ever since, every time I walk past, it mirrors a different color back to me.

I later discovered that aster is the Greek word for star and it made so much sense. Just like stars twinkle in the pitch black sky, this piece will sparkle wherever you put it. In building up all those layers or transparent and opaque paints I created an environment for light to bounce off of itself and generate an almost magical glow. It always amazed me how flowers have the ability to glow like that in nature. And now with just the right effort, time and practice, I created piece that allows us to capture that glow for 100 years hanging in a work of art.

I hope that this purple floral aster painting can always help serve as a source of light in your life, whenever you look upon it.     

.: 100% Cotton fabric
.: Poplar wood frame
.: High image quality and detail
.: For indoor use

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