Month: January 2016

Sci-fi World building illustration of an electrical facility with liightning defense in a post apocalyptic world.

You Don’t Study Art, You Slowly Become It

I see artists asking all the time,  what to study, how much to study, when to study and so on. First of all, we all start there and stay there for a certain amount of time. But what we all eventually realize, in one way or another, is that we start to see, practice, do Read More

Book cover of Two young adventurers come acroos two large ogres as they come to a break in the forest filled with wolves.

Treating Clients Well and the Value of Building Relationships

As creatives we come across quite a few different personalities through our work. Whether you are a freelance designer or work in a studio, we all meet with people regularly in one way or another. But even though our communications are centered around business we are all still dealing with people. Some projects are individual Read More

Fantasy Entertainment Illustration of a griffon flying backwards as it displays its claws, while a rose and its petals float around.

Being Motivated by Your Past

Many of us have dreams, inspirations and loves in our current lives that have built off all the we experienced. These resources often give us enough to come up with new ideas and push us into new imaginative directions. But what about the loves of your childhood past. Perhaps it was dragons and knights, maybe Read More