Being Motivated by Your Past

Many of us have dreams, inspirations and loves in our current lives that have built off all the we experienced. These resources often give us enough to come up with new ideas and push us into new imaginative directions. But what about the loves of your childhood past. Why not find art motivation from your past? Perhaps it was dragons and knights, maybe a specific monster sparked vivid imaginations in your mind. The list of sources to our pure simple childhood fascinations is forever expansive.? As we grew older we learned that our fascinations may have been skewed and we begin to adjust and adapt to our ever growing knowledge. But These classic memories of simple but powerful icons are something every artist should explore.

Take the time to pull upon that classic inspiration that we had when we were kids.? If you love simple green, fire-breathing dragons, in standard dragon pose, then paint one. Do you love cowboys riding through the desert, then model it. If you love science and wanted to work in a lab, then sculpt one. You get the idea, but the reason is not to necessarily create something new, rather to create a new experience with an old love.

When the Universe Hands You Art Motivation in Sync with Your Past

I had the chance, on a race car company project, to paint a Griffon, just a basic eagle/lion griffon. This was a creature that I loved as a child, but never could find the time among all the creative pushes in one way or another. If I started one, it always ended up being something totally different by the end. But with a few restrictions and a deadline, it was about painting a griffon and doing it well. So I let the art motivation from my past, blend with the direction of the future.

It was so much fun to bring such a classic creature to life in just the way I wanted. Something about painting a creature you tried to draw when you were three is such a fun experience that I encourage anyone to do it, regardless of your skill level at the moment. So go create something you loved from your earliest memories. Then watch how you begin to love and cherish what you do, that should help you get over any slump in the world.

Griffon Rose Creature Illustration | Art Motivation From My Past

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