Glowing Mountain Tops | Gloss Poster


Nature has done it again! She has created the richest of fire orange to jump right out from a wonderfully blue frame. One of my favorite color combinations to oil paint. And even better, in this particular landscape, the vibrant color is supported by a line of red and green that screams harmony and life. I often wonder how nature can so miraculously create such impressive blends of light that I somehow missed most of my life.

But, at the same time, I feel so lucky to be able to appreciate and capture these moments at a time where I can share them with others. I am still in amazement at how calm this mountain pond remained as the fire trickled from the mountain tops down into the waters below. The reflection is almost as pure as the source that created it.

A fantastic oil painting to paint as every stroke and blend of color had such an excitement, I felt like I was the one on fire with creativity. The landscape slowly came to life with every stroke, not knowing whether I would be able to capture what was happening before me, but I had to try. And the end result is a piece of art the inspires me to get out and see the world unfolding before us all. And if I can't, it still reminds me of the magic of nature to get us to stop, and like the calm reflective water, reflect on the wonder that is life.


.: Material: 185 gsm high-gloss poster paper
.: Horizontal and vertical options available
.: Four sizes to choose from
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts
.: NB! Each poster features a white 0.2'' border with a small barcode

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