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In this busy world its just as much about finding time as it is about managing time you do have. As we grow and practice we begin to discover aspects about our creation that no one can teach us. We learn when we paint, write, search, research and rest the best. Take the time to analyze your own energy and concentration levels and adjust how you function within those parameters.

Your work is your livelihood, so treat it as such. Find the best times to work and block them out, let everyone know you are blocking them out as well. Art has to be a priority if you want to succeed, there is no way around it. We must all maintain a healthy balance and it is much easier to do if you have a base understanding of how to go about your days completing tasks in the most efficient manner.

Managing Time Tips to Keep Focused

Pay vital attention to managing time.

Always, work before play (it makes the rewards so much sweeter).

Separate internet use into business and non-business related, then treat them accordingly.

Face your challenges head on, don’t let them pile in the background, because they will catch up and destroy your flow at the worst possible time.

Find a core work time and don’t let anything distract you from that, if people can’t understand you are working then they don’t understand that this is your life and career you are working on.

Always take some time for yourself to do nothing (it does not have to be long but it helps creating a space for you to process and grow, without huge time or energy costs). Space is needed for the brain to recharge and develop.

Time can get away from all of us if we are not careful, but by developing good work habit, you can minimize the negative effects. Then you give you best chance to be the very best artist you can be.

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