We Need More Llama Art

Ever since I was a child I really loved llamas, so I made some llama art. Not because they look kind of funny, not because they are all that amazing of a creature (even though they are). But, I created this llama art for one very special reason. Every time I go to the zoo they spit at my Dad, and hes not even a bad guy or anything like that. I mean every…. single….. time…. and I find it hilarious. Not that I hate my father or anything. But I never saw a species, as a whole, have some much animosity for anyone. So here is a character I designed to show my appreciation for an animal that made me laugh harder then I ever had before.

Samurai Llama Creature Character Art
Samurai Llama Creature Character Art

Remember you are a creative individual who gets to build and design whatever your hearts desire. Sometimes we capture special moments, in order to cherish the memories for ever. Other times, we create llama art to make fun of our parents with. Their is no end to the amount of joy that art and creativity can do. Be grateful that you have trained this gift, even if you use it just for fun. In fact, especially if you use it just for fun.

In fact, I am having so much fun, staring at this old piece of mine, that I feel inspired make a few more llama pieces. I mean how funny is it to have a bunch of little crazy llama characters. llama knights, llama ninjas, llama scuba divers, llama clowns….. Man being an Artist is fun!

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