Scar the Uzgoth Leader | Villain Concept Art

Finally I have the opportunity to share with you one of the character villain concept art pieces done last summer. It is for a tactical strategy game being developed for Downsideup games. I had such a blast creating so much work for Oliver and his team. I got the opportunity to create a boat load of characters, creatures and mechs. But also, I was able to create quite a few large maps as well (that I wish I could share…darn NDA). But the good news is that the good people at Downsideup said they should be releasing more work shortly!

I have had the chance to work on quite a few villain concept art works over the years. But when I find myself doing all the concept work for a single game, it brings a whole new level of pride and excitement to my work. Something about having your visions and creativity mesh with the aspirations of a really good team, really brings the heart of the creative process to life. It’s projects like these, where strong relationships are born. It’s here, really quality work finds a home to flow. I loved the concept, I love the game style and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Downsideup. When all that comes together, you just know the best is brought out in everyone and the opportunity for great success is that much greater.? Can’t wait to share more with you all.


Lich Undead Zombie Master with Axe Character Illustration
Lich Undead Zombie Master with Axe Character Illustration

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