Bond With Our Art

We all know the bond with art, especially as creatives. It seems to form naturally between ourselves and our work. It can often lead to some stressful times when it comes to weeding out the old works of the past that don’t quite make it up to our current standards. But like any serious development we must often leave the past in the past to move forward with what we have learned. Here I am going to be placing 3 pieces that meant something to me in different ways.

How I Bond With Art

First is the valley of the flowers. This piece was done when I was studying landscape with John Poon. I was also heavily influence by the amazing work of the Hudson River school, that specialized in amazingly textured depictions of landscape.

Valley of flowers Hudson River School Inspired Environmental Illustration Traditional Art Bond

Valley of flowers Hudson River School Inspired Environmental Illustration

Second we have the Drunk Master. This piece was done for a concept art design challenge and I really had a blast doing it. I bonded with this art, through pure silliness and fun. However because it was done in a more lighthearted way, I did not use reference and some of the anatomy was a little wonky. While I still enjoy the piece and had a great time doing it, it just does not meet up with what I have been doing lately.

Andrew Gaia Drunk Master Fun Art Bond

Andrew finally we have the Radical Preaching. This piece was actually done quite quickly for a kickstarter gaming project I was hired to work on. Because of the speed that I completed this one I was not able to really go in and do the things I normally would to bring it up a couple levels. If my love swayed more towards science fiction then I could see myself reworking or even repainting this one all together, but for now it is goodbye. We all bond with art in different ways at different times.

Andrew Gaia Radical Preaching Mantis Aliens Art Project Bond

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