Forest God | Deer Shaman

After months of non-stop work I finally got the chance to go out and solo camp in the middle of the woods, inspiring the Forest God Piece. Something about being out in nature really clears your head and helps one to remember the wealth of opportunity in the world around us. With that experience I was inspired to create the Forest Shaman for Reign of the Gods. While on my trip, deep in the think of Pennsylvania woods, I realized just how majestic and mysterious the forest can be. So I wanted to create a character/creature that imbued the true wonder of the wilderness. Hope you enjoy!

This Forest God is still one of my most favorite pieces that I have ever done. I love the color, the mood and tone of the whole piece. Not to mention, I have a deep connection with deer and their influence on the natural world around us. I think that is why I was able to capture so many different elements in this piece. So much of it was inspired from my own real life experiences.

For the Love of Forests & Gods

So if you are ever lost on what to create, draw from your own life experiences and moods. It was Andrew Loomis, as well as many other artists, who knew the true value of going out into the world to draw inspiration. So what if you draw forest gods and deer shaman, it is all created from pieces of real life. Just combine that with your own unique creative mind and you will be astounded at what you can create.

Go live, breath, see, take in…… and then create the work that you want to see. the rest will follow, in time. We are all growing. Happy creating my artist friends and family!




Deer Shaman Forest God Creature Illustration
Deer Shaman Forest God Creature Illustration

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