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Today I looked at the art of Joe Madureira (Joe Mad), an amazing graphic novel artist. Every once in a while I really love to take one of my favorite artists and create a sketch in their style. I was initially turned on to his work through comics but was really blown away with his designs for the Darksiders game series. I attempted a similar homage years ago but it did not turn out so well. Luckily I tried again and am quite happy with the result. So without further ado, here is my Joe Mad style sketch. Andrew Gaia Character Art Joe Mad Style

It can be really fun to create in another artists style. Especially when Joe Mad has an art, that begs to be pushed to some unconventional limits. But, this also allows you, as a creative individual, to think differently. To approach creation in a different way, expanding your creativity. Perhaps you are pushed to use more line, maybe skip the shading. Sometime you might find yourself throwing out things you have studies for year, like anatomy or physics, all in favor of design or beauty.

Joe Mad Art | By Andrew Gaia | Breaking Limits

The truth is, that their are an infinite amount of ways to tackle the same visual problem in most cases. However, we usually just do what is easiest, we are human after all. But, if you limit yourself to following another artists style or guidelines, you push yourself to develop new tools of solving different art problems. Then the next time you step up to the plate to create something beautiful, you have more at your disposal.

So find some artist you love and try to create a piece just like them. Don’t just copy their work, although that can be a great phase one. But, then take what you learned and apply it to one of your own works. I guarantee the rewards you have at the end of the studies, are worth the effort.

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