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Art progress reflection can be fun. But, lets admit it, sometimes keeping things flowing smoothly is not always easy when you are a freelance illustrator. Everything seems to come in waves, from finances and work, to inspiration and technical improvement. But I think that is why having a website or portfolio is important for all artists, working or not. A collection of our favorite, best or even just recent work can help us see. In a quick glance, we see, where we came from, where we are and what direction we are heading in our practice.

When we take the opportunity to look over our work we have a deep connection that reminds us of the challenges and successes of each piece. Our art progress reflection, shows us more then we realize, if we just look. This bit of information is something that not many other professions have at their finger tips, and as creative individuals we need to utilize it to make ourselves better at what we do.

The portfolio is more then a tool to get work or build interest, it is the base from which you can build. So no matter where you are in your field, always look at what you have done and reflect. In this way you will always been growing the way you want, which opens the door for the most joy and the most fluid opportunity for your individuality as an artist.

And remember, there are lots of ways for even new artist to create their own little site of art development and reflection. Social media, as long as it doesn’t distract you too much, free online portfolios or your own personal website, are all great options for motivating yourself. Create the space you need to stay pumped, and get to it!

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