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Native American Headdress Female Shaman Character Illustration Art Creates Worlds

Native American Headdress Female Shaman Character Illustration

Art Creates Worlds, hear me out. I find a lot of the time, as artists and creative types, we create stories, character and even universes from just seeing something once. When you sit and spend hours and hours with these things we create its almost like they become real within our imaginations. Then as your project develops so do the characters or things you imagine within the illustration.

Today I wanted to merge youthful energy with the wisdom of the old. I imagined my idea, sketched an image, got my reference and then began to grow with the picture. The bond you form with these images is hard to explain but at the same time totally understood by anyone who works with what they love. You bond with what you create and that is one of the reasons I think we all go on trying to create more and more beautiful things to share with the world.

Darwin Agrees, Even The Art of God Creates Worlds

It was Darwin who notices a strange flower deep within the canary island forests. He notes its extremely long petals and considered what bird could manage drinking from its fountain. He, as a reasonable man, concluded that their must be a bird or insect, with a natural feature that allows it to feed from this flower. 70 years later, that exact bird was discovered. The Art of God Creates Worlds too. Maybe in this case they were made at once, but you get the idea. Nothing is created or designed on any level for no reason.

The point of that story it to show how things in the real world all have exact purposes and you should create your art in the same way. Would a desert traveler be wearing a winter coat? Where would she get it, how would it be useful, wouldn’t the sand ruin it? To make your imaginative creations seem real, thing about where they are in their world, not what looks cool. Ok maybe think a little bit about what looks cool to.

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