Mountain Tiger Lilies Oil Painting | Original Impressionist Floral


The original Mountain Tiger Lilies Oil Painting is inspired by one of the many hidden forest locations found throughout PA. For this piece I wanted to step out of the usual landscapes I paint in this scenario. Why? Because, I was lucky enough to find a hidden patch of wild lilies. It must have been a variety of species, as they have assorted colors of orange and white. This gave me the chance to play with my favorite complimentary color combination between the light and shadow parts of the flowers. I was able to get such a variety and depth in both colors that this quickly became my favorite painting.

Life never ceases to amaze me. You would think that finding large patches of tiger lilies in the wild, would be difficult, especially with all the chaotic weather we have been experiencing. However, these resilient flowers manage to pop up in all sorts of secret forest openings. And even more then the farm bread, the wild lily sparkles with a vast array of color. So magical.

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