Designed to give you a unique look and style, the Andrew Gaia designed tee’s will set you apart from the rest. Each of the T-shirt designs breaks the mold and showcases a variety of Fantastic and Awe Inspiring work, straight from the artists creative mind. The tees are themed in Fantasy, Science Fiction / Sci-fi, Cartoon Illustrations, Floral, Animals, And Spirituality. These themes allow anyone to break free of the confines of everyday life and into the world of amazement and fantastic.

By owning one of the T-shirt designs here you can show your individuality and express that look that is totally you. There are fantastic character tee’s, science fiction alien creatures, expressive cartoon goofballs, beautiful color flowers, thought provoking spiritual creations and everything in between. We designed these t-shirts for you to be more you, with that special look only you can have. Express yourself with a tee today!

Bring Home The Creations

Visit my shop for Original Fine Art, Illustration Prints, Stickers and much more to come! By making a purchase with me today, I am able to crete more work for us all tomorrow. Thank you so much for the support of my dreams.

Watch the creation with me on Twitch or See the Process Streamlined on Youtube

Feel free to drop a request or suggestion on any of my platforms, I love creating what will inspire and what better way to do that then to hear directly from you. AndrewGaia13@gmail.com

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