Wisdom of Youth | Young Woman in Native American Headdress


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This Woman in an Indian Headdress poster, or the Wisdom of Youth, as I like to call it, was created to spark interest in the value of our youth. Many times younger people are dismissed in our culture for being too immature or inexperienced. However, their bravery, willingness to see the good, and many other very wise traits are strong within them. So the Woman in a Headdress was created with the purpose of pushing others to see more than our socially conditioned initial beliefs.

This piece was created utilizing a wonderful stock photo that I found on DeviantArt. I then combined that with several images of native American headdresses I found across the web. I also wanted to splice in the thought of her contemplating life while smoking from a hookah. The idea was to blend a lot of elements that are not normally associated with each other, in order to spark thoughts of the same.

This Woman in her Headdress reminds me often, it is the youngest whom hold the wisdom of true connection... Something adults have been burned too many times to remember. However, as a young woman, in a world with a lot going on, it is often hard to sit long enough to see their own wisdom. Find peace, and listen…. We all have wisdom to share.

.: 175 gsm fine art paper
.: For indoor use
.: Multiple sizes

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