The Magicians Meeting | The Great White Hall of Magic


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This Magicians Great Meeting Hall Poster is another collaborated effort between Andrew Gaia and AEG (Alderac Entertainment Group), for their mystic valle series. Here, I got the chance to create a bunch of unique and somewhat different wizards type characters. Afterall, I really hate it when the only magic users of any world are just old guys with pointy hats. On top of being pumped that I get to design a bunch of creatures for this piece, I was excited for the environment they are in, as well. The concept was to create a giant white hall, for the wizards meeting, grow out of extremely tall white trees. I felt the contrast between the darker characters and lighter environment worked together beautifully to add interest to the somewhat still scene.

I did have a blast working with the colors on the Magicians Great Meeting Hall, Mystic Vale poster as well. Whites are so fun to play with because you can hide so many bounced colors in them, and there were plenty of spaces for that. But then each character needed to have some variety, but at the same time work with the whole art. In the end, the Wizards Great White Hall ended up being a really interesting and inviting piece, even if the guy up front looks like a creep.

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