Natural Salvation | Temple Rises From The Swamp


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The Temple Rising Poster was the collaborated effort of artist, Andrew Gaia, and Fantasy Flight Games. This was for their Talisman series, the cataclysm expansion, specifically, For this piece, we have an Ancient Temple magically rising from a deep forest bog. Who knows how long that tample sat in that swamp, or what magical powers it holds. On top of that, who is it that seems to summon this structure from its deep swamp slumber?

I designed the Temple Rising poster to really feel like the viewer stumbled upon something amazing, almost as if, by divine intervention. I wanted to give that feeling that one gets as they journey on a long hike, only to begin to see something interesting peer through the trees. That excitement, that curiosity and that wonder are often feelings we lose. But with this piece, we are reminded, that sometimes it’s only a few steps further, until we reach something truly breathtaking.

So, if you need a reminder to persevere or, simply, hold your faith, then maybe this piece can serve as that inspiration in your day. Grab your copy, and feel ready to face the bogs of life tomorrow.

.: 175 gsm fine art paper
.: For indoor use
.: Multiple sizes

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