Jungle Beauty and Her Cats Look Out Into The Vista


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This Jungle Woman and Cats posters must have been inspired by the future, because now we have three cats. But in reality, I was enamored with some of the great landscape painters of the Hudson River School, like Bierstadt. Then I wanted to combine that with a new coloring approach I was testing out that added layers of depth to a work. I wanted to make the viewer feel both excited at the danger, but at peace with the view. Plus maybe even a little enamored at the carefree nature of the wild cats.

I had a blast creating interesting textures and coloring in the background. Something about the ease and natural way the digital paint flew off the stylus really packed this with an awesome energy. In fact, I do believe that it was the first print that anyone ever bought off me. It bring me to peace, and I hope that when you pick it up, it brings you the same good vibes.

.: 175 gsm fine art paper
.: For indoor use
.: Multiple sizes

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