Forest Waterfall Oil Painting | Original Landscape Impressionist


The original Forest Waterfall Oil Painting is inspired by one of the many hidden forest locations in PA. I have always felt that art has an amazing ability to take us to new and amazing locations, even if we can’t leave our home. And with this oil painting, I wanted to focus on two areas. First, the glowing yellow light that flowed through the trees dappling light on the rocks and greenery below. And Second, the contrast of warm oranges and blues hidden around the scene. The end result is a piece that takes me out of my cold and sterile work environment and into nature anytime it catches my gaze.

This original Forest Waterfall Oil Painting was inspired by one of the many hidden forest locations found throughout PA. Living in the vast North-Eastern USA forests, Pennsylvania specifically, offers a lot of secret untouched locations, perfect for a once in a lifetime artistic capture. On one of my families outings, we discovered a stream off of a quiet mountain road. Of course we decided to follow it and, to our surprise, we discovered these falls tucked between some dense overgrowth.

This place had so much peace and natural beauty that I knew I had to paint it. And now, I offer that painting to you. I trust you will find as much peace in it as we did.

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