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I create graphic design and product art that combines unique imaginative elements with a solid fundamental base. Create compelling business and branding elements that set your business apart, while maintaining that wow style that it perfectly you. Logo’s, promotional pieces, vehicle wraps, websites, brand templates and anything a business need to portray its vision to the community.

I also am love to create unique product art and design for T-shirts, Beer labels, Package design, Site Banners and more. Standing out amongst the crowd is what I strive for with every one of my designs. And in today’s overcrowded market, that unique look is needed more than ever.

So if you are in need of a real artist and graphic designer with years of experience and true creativity, Give me a shout. (Contact)

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Visit my shop for Original Fine Art, Illustration Prints, Stickers and much more to come! By making a purchase with me today, I am able to crete more work for us all tomorrow. Thank you so much for the support of my dreams.

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Welcome to the creative home of Designer/Artist/Illustrator, Andrew Gaia. My goal has always been to Inspire the Impossible and to Make Fantastic Dreams Real. Thank you for allowing me to share my magic with you.. or how about we collaborate and create an inspired world together!

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