The Unlikely Hero

I find a lot of the time, as artists and creative types, we create stories, character and even universes from just seeing something once. When you sit and spend hours and hours with these things we create its almost like they become real within our imaginations. Then as your project develops so do the characters or things you imagine within the illustration. Today I wanted to merge youthful energy with the wisdom of the old. I imagined my idea, sketched an image, got my reference and then began to grow with the picture. The bod you form with these images is hard to explain but at the same time totally understood by anyone who works with what they love. You bond with what you create and that is one of the reasons I think we all go on trying to create more and more beautiful things to share with the world. I went off a little be there but sometimes its nice to remind yourself of these amazing things that you get to do. Wisdom of Youth