Love Your Accomplishments and Feel Good

Move Forward, Create and Share


Being creative can be hard, real hard. So, as often as possible, love what you do and what you have accomplished. How many have gone their whole life afraid to even start? How many hit that first road block, then threw it all away? How many have gone for something far more “safe” and “practical? But not us! We stood up to all those who thought creativity was a childs game, and found it to be profoundly rewarding. We stood up to all of those who said we would starve, and managed to carve out our own security with sweat running down our faces. We were told that we would live alone in a dungeon, tirelessly working for our scraps, but we found a wealth in our community that supports one another like nothing I have seen before.

One of the first pieces I was happy about.

2012, as a new creative student, I painted one more piece that inspired me to keep pushing forward..

So what if you are not the best on the planet, and you don’t make millions of dollars or have your name up on some fancy wall. You still had the courage to do what not many could and continue on with that courage. You accomplished more than countless others who never even got up to bat. You believed in yourself, and your ability to stand with the greatest creators of all time. Feel good about that! There are far less of us in the world then we realize, people who reach for the fantastic. So, look at what you have and what you have accomplished no matter how far along the path you are and realize that who you are and what you create is already amazing beyond belief. Now get pumped, and keep kicking butt. If no one told you this today, please allow me. I am proud of what you have accomplished and am inspired by your bravery, the world is a better place because people like you have the strength to do what you believe in. Well done!


Another piece that inspires me done about 5 years later for AEG. One of my favorites, because it inspires me, not because its the best, but because it reminds me what I can do and how much joy I can have creating and sharing.