Bringing Dreams to Life

In one way or another, we all want to bring our dreams to life. Whether we want to learn a new skill, develop a product, or buy a fancy new car, its all about making an image in our head come to fruition in the real world. It can take 5 minutes or 5 years to realize dreams, but those that take the longest and involve the most risk, usually net the best rewards. In my last few post I have been diving pretty deep into utilizing our experiences and letting those experience evolve our own development. Little did I know, that those posts were going to grant me an opportunity greater then I could imagine. Which is why I am writing this somewhat different post.

I have been studying and researching all of you who were brave enough to face your own challenges and go after your dreams. I read and learned as much as I could, then I began developing plans. The plans slowly turned into actions and before I knew I was in a position to sell the idea. All I needed was time and money (the same old story haha). But this time I had put so much work and gathered so many resources on my own that a distant friend of mine became interested. We met and over the course of nearly a year, my dream went from an idea in my back room to GaiaGameStudios getting its feet off the ground. biopng

But real change is not met alone and I need as much help as I can to get some traction. So here I am welcoming you all to Gaia Game Studios and asking you to check out our first project, Bio-Logic. Bio-logic is a microscopic tile based game that focuses on strategy and play style diversity. We will be sharing all the development with everyone who follows, so that you can use the approach we took to bring your own dreams to life.

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Thank you all for the support and I can’t wait to see what dreams we make together!

~~~Andrew Gaia

Come Visit the Latest in Creative Adventure

Come Visit the Latest in Creative Adventure